Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay but I’m back with a new post! I’m trying to be consistent with it I promise!

Ok so this denim set is from H&M

The jeans jacket and pant set with the lace details still on the lace ups this season.

I paired it with a Fendi top and underbust corset and a pair of Zara booties which I love so much !



Hey guys I’ve been so busy but I have a new post to share! I love this camouflage jacket I got on EBay! It was a plain camo jacket I added these beautiful patches I handpicked from a patch store in the city and I love the outcome of it! I paired it with this green hat o found in TJMaxx and then this lace up Jeans I found on EBay as well! Belle sleeve top is from Century21 store Sunglasses are Gucci and I so love them! My bag is Celine and shoes are Christian Louboutin that I still can’t walk in lol! So I only wear it for pictures 


New Month New post

Happy New month guys

Wow! It’s already May, the year is really moving along fast and the good thing is summer is fast approaching! Can’t wait to do some summer posts!

This post here is a lot of red lol

I love these pants I found in a thrift store I paired with a corset from H&M and this Champion hoodie I cut out to go over the corset.