New Month New post

Happy New month guys

Wow! It’s already May, the year is really moving along fast and the good thing is summer is fast approaching! Can’t wait to do some summer posts!

This post here is a lot of red lol

I love these pants I found in a thrift store I paired with a corset from H&M and this Champion hoodie I cut out to go over the corset.


Double breasted

Hey guys, Its the weekend and I’m excited and I have a new post I’ll be attending an event in this red number Iabsolutely love this vintage jumpsuit I got on EBay! Yass I love EBay lol.

This jumpsuit is so unique it’s double breasted with shoulder pads and a lace up in the back I paired it with my Christian Louboutin nude pigalles that I love but can’t walk in for even an hour lol 

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Sports Chic

Hey guys, Thank God it’s Friday lol

It’s been a long week and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Welcome back to my blog, this is my second post and I’m loving it! This look is so sporty yet sexy with this Adidas trackpants with the snap sides I absolutely love this price and I paired it with this lace corset from H&M, fishnet pantyhose and Egoofficial clear shoes.