Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay but I’m back with a new post! I’m trying to be consistent with it I promise!

Ok so this denim set is from H&M

The jeans jacket and pant set with the lace details still on the lace ups this season.

I paired it with a Fendi top and underbust corset and a pair of Zara booties which I love so much !



Hey guys I’ve been so busy but I have a new post to share! I love this camouflage jacket I got on EBay! It was a plain camo jacket I added these beautiful patches I handpicked from a patch store in the city and I love the outcome of it! I paired it with this green hat o found in TJMaxx and then this lace up Jeans I found on EBay as well! Belle sleeve top is from Century21 store Sunglasses are Gucci and I so love them! My bag is Celine and shoes are Christian Louboutin that I still can’t walk in lol! So I only wear it for pictures